Apply lipstick then kiss my bumper sticker.

Over the course of my life I have volunteered for campaigns at the  local, state, and federal level. I have dialed the phone, stuffed envelopes, put up signs, and written letters. I have cared passionately about who won what races, and back in my younger days when I believed in a micro-managing god I even prayed. (Please God let Newt Gingrich beat Herman Talmadge. That was a long time ago)

But there are two things I have never done-until today.

1. Contributed to a political campaign

2.  Put a bumper sticker on my car.

There it is. Ready for my car (I really have to clean a spot on the window).

My youngest and I stopped by the Obama 08 office here in town. We volunteered to work, and then we bought stickers and buttons and then I cut a check.

On my budget I can assure you it wasn’t much, but it was my first monetary contribution ever.


Well I became an Obama supporter when John Edwards dropped out, but was not passionately, violently, bumper sticker-esque  enthusiastic in my support. Then

Sarah Palin.

That’s all.

Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency when her resume is weaker than most of the “working women” and “hockey moms” that I know.
Sarah Palin who wanted to ban books.

Sarah Palin who is opposed to sex education that is not abstinence based.

Sarah Palin who doesn’t believe global warming is man made and wants creationism taught in schools.

Sarah Palin who has no foreign policy experience (but hey, she lives next to Russia).

Sarah Palin who said she “hadn’t given much thought” to the Iraq war.

Sarah Palin who said she didn’t really know what the Vice President’s job entails.

Sarah Palin who sneered at community organizers in her speech. (Jane Addams the mother of social work-my profession- is rolling over in her grave. )

 Sarah Palin who does not ” resonate” with all women just because she’s a woman, a mom, a working mom, or whatever label you want to use.

And just so you know Sarah-LIPSTICK is not what differentiates a hockey mom from a pit bull  -it’s a thinking rational brain

 I’ve got one, millions of women around this nation have one, and we are going to put it to use on election day.


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