Because I said so, that’s why. A mother’s mantra.


The talking point now out of the RNC, James Dobson, et al is how proud they are of young Ms. Palin’s “choice”. That she “chose life”. Chose it? Rather than what?

Her mother is on the record as being anti-abortion NO MATTER WHAT. The only exception — if the life of the mother is in jeopardy. She is on the record as saying even if HER OWN DAUGHTER were raped she would not approve of abortion.

Given that, knowing that, did her daughter really have any choice?

I’m 43 years old and I’m still scared of my parents! Come on, remember being 17? 17 and having to tell your mother your pregnant out of wedlock is one thing. Having to tell her when she is a Governor is another, and a Governor on the record of expecting you to keep your child if you were raped? HELP!

The poor girl had no choice. Her parents made the choice. So applaud Governor Palin all you want for choosing life, but stop saying it’s the daughter’s choice. And for the love of all that is holy-stop applauding the fact that she has “chosen” to marry the baby’s father.

The boy and he is a  BOY doesn’t want to be married, or having babies, or be in the national spotlight. The Palin family are a smart bunch of cookies-so Mr. McCain wants us to think-certainly they can come up with a solution that will choose life for the baby, the daughter, and the boyfriend that does not involve making two young people take a sacred vow under the scrutiny of the entire world. Talk about a shotgun wedding!


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