She’s Hot Hot Hot

All I can say is I can’t wait for the debates. Have at her Senator Biden.

Now I didn’t call her Hot-that’s Alaska magazine’s idea.













Now I wonder, how will all the self-identified conservative “christians” who screeched that Hillary couldn’t be president because we couldn’t dare trust a woman to hold the office of the presidency going to feel now?44, no experience, a mother of young children (and wasn’t it uber-conservative Republican  Phyllis Schlafly  who said women need to be home raising their babies?) a heart-beat away from the Presidency-and a weak heartbeat at that. Suddenly it will become well, we meant a democrat woman, or a pro-choice woman…uh uh…

Oh, and for everyone that  went after Senator Clinton for her brief cleavage moment-check out Gov. Palin on the cover of Vogue. I believe that’s cleavage and nipple.

Vogue cover - Sarah Palin


And experience-well Ms. Palin graduated in 87 with a bachelor’s degree in communication-and then…no that’s all. No graduate school, no law school, a communication’s major. (And I started out as one myself, so that’s not a slam on communications major.)

This is going to be very interesting.

I like what Steve Chapman had to say…


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