Pomp and Circumstance-eventually

Here’s an article on the Sarah Palin college years.


And here I shall quote an e-mail I received from my friend Marge. I don’t know if these are her words or not, but she’s one of the brightest and most insightful women  I know-so I’ll let her talk. She’s right too. Very recently I reapplied for a professional license and I had to cough up my educational information. The last job I applied for-same thing-all the way back to undergrad. 20 years later and they wanted my transcript. (And let me tell you that college biology grade is still a source of shame!)

Changing schools once, or even twice is relatively common.  Sometimes people
make changes to get into a better school, or into a different geographic
location (family, finances, etc) or to make a major change in their career

However, the vast majority of people who went to college would be quick to
tell you that it’s quite unusual to have changed schools even 3 times, let
alone 5.

Certainly not the ordinary college experience.

Most employers, (which we all are when we consider “hiring” our leaders),
confronted with a job candidate handing them a resume showing that sort of
“school jumping”, would, in their interview, be asking some very in-depth,
probing questions to try and find out what in the world was going on.

i.e. Substance abuse? Emotional instability? Inability to analyze a
situation and make a competent decision? Inability to apply oneself to a
difficult task?  Was the person asked to leave an institution?

Sarah should be given the opportunity to explain her unique college
experience to America and she should release her college transcripts so that
we can all better appreciate her intellectual capacity.



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