The view from under the microscope

On occasion my oldest will turn to me with that old familiar refrain but you should see what everyone else made on the test or my grade was better than anyone else’s– to which I retort I’m not worried about what other children are doing, or I’m not anyone else’s mother.

The whine doesn’t work. But it’s not fair what about everyone else?

So Palin and the McCain camp have been whining  about the unfair treatment she has received at the hands of the press-or so they perceive.  They’ve even taken to calling it “sexism”.

But, when it was Hillary Clinton crying foul, Palin was ready to criticize.

And last night in her interview with Charles Gibson Palin was quick to employ my daughter’s excuse but but but what about everyone else?

Now back at the Newsweek Forum earlier in the year she had a lot to say about Hillary Clinton and the media. She said that Hillary’s complaining “didn’t bode well for her.” That  “fair or unfair, it’s there that’s the reality.”Accept it, that you are under a sharper microscope, so be it.” “Work harder, prove yourself to an even greater degree.”

To an even greater degree? So….

maybe the greater degree would mean

regardless of what other veeps have done she should do better?

What happened to “so be it” “accept it”?

Oh, you didn’t mean YOU, you meant everyone else.

That excuse doesn’t work with seventh graders, it shouldn’t work with vice presidential candidates.


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