Does she confuse herself?


More confusion on my part.

So it’s bad that Biden’s been around and has the experience, but not bad that McCain is older and has been around even longer?

It’s good that she’s new and a refreshing energetic change, but not good that Obama is the same?

Exactly what is her point?

My head hurts?


2 Responses to “Does she confuse herself?”

  1. 1 Mark Thomas October 2, 2008 at 7:04 am

    And part of the confusion stems from the fact that no one knows who Palin is! What does an urban blogger from New York know about a moose hunting beauty queen who literally hails from the frontier. I mean, it might have television and Davy Crocket might think it was too civilized. But compared with the lower 48 … Alaska truly is still a frontier in many, many ways. Without understanding the culture that created her … it is nearly impossible to have a good understanding of her (which all responsible voters should! 🙂

    The fact is that aside from essentially only three interviews, the public knows almost nothing about Palin except what the mainstream media and the east coast blogosphere spew out. It seems that if you really care about understanding the players in this election that you ought to see what Alaskans say about her! And I don’t mean the few that were selected by the media for derogatory quotes or the putdown emails purportedly from Alaskans that are floating around.

    Doesn’t it seem strange to anyone that there are nothing but negative comments from the citizens of a state where she was running an unheard of 80% – 90% favorable rating prior to her selection? There are lots of Alaskan bloggers who may or may not like her politics but can tell you a lot more about her than you hear on the evening news.

    Here, eg:

    And there are plenty of others. Many of whom strongly disagree with her politically … but who can still give you a vastly clearer picture of who you’re watching debate.

  2. 2 tammy October 2, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    Good point, except it is my assumption that “frontier” like or not, Alaskans are intelligent, thinking people-or not? “The culture that created her” may have created a woman with no intellectual curiosity whatsoever or may have created a talented, bright woman who is a popular and effective governor-but who is not yet ready to be the President of the United States. Who can tell-given that no one is allowed access to her? You are right-three interviews-I say if she doesn’t like what is being said/written about her in the “mainstream media” or “east coast blogosphere” that she start talking. Give interviews, hold press conferences, demonstrate that she is informed, capable, and prepared.

    As for her popularity and politics-popularity is meaningless to me. Politics-her idealogy and what she stands for and wants to do as president (and she is essentially running for pres given McCain’s health) are the only matters of true import.

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