In search of a no whine zone

So Sarah Palin says she didn’t answer Katie Couric’s questions because she was “annoyed”.

This excuse will require us to ignore the deer-in-the-headlight look and the fumbling and reaching but, okay let’s say we buy it.

Is that what we want in a President? I was annoyed so I just didn’t answer-a member of the press-the American people? I was annoyed so I took my ball and went home?

That excuse sounds a lot like something that comes out of the mouth of  my 12 year old  when she does poorly on a test-the teacher is hard, he doesn’t teach, it’s not my fault.

It doesn’t fly at my house, and I would hate to think it would at the White House.

Answer the questions Governor, everyone else managed to irritated or not. Although, it does sound a lot like your running mate’s excuse for why he is behind in the polls- “life’s not fair”. Perhaps you two really are soulmates.


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