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No more war.

“We will end this war”

Thank you Joe.

Fifth Runner Up

Again-pandering to a one-issue voting block?
Or, maybe he  agrees with Sarah Palin and the Alaskan Independence Party (Palin was a member)-Alaska should secede from the US and become an independent nation (or at least allow them to vote on it they say!)

(Country first, no wait, Alaska first, no Sarah first. Oh hell, I can’t keep up.)

If he wanted one of the guys, he should have gone with one of the guys.

Does he not trust his own instincts? Does he only listen to the conservative base that he is trying to “win over”?

Is he prone to making hasty, poorly analyzed or thoughtless decisions?

I hope note. That’s not what we need in a President.

At the least, Republicans close to the campaign said it was increasingly apparent that Ms. Palin had been selected as Mr. McCain’s running mate with more haste than McCain advisers initially described.

Up until midweek last week, some 48 to 72 hours before Mr. McCain introduced Ms. Palin at a Friday rally in Dayton, Ohio, Mr. McCain was still holding out the hope that he could choose a good friend, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut, a Republican close to the campaign said. Mr. McCain had also been interested in another favorite, former Gov. Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania.

But both men favor abortion rights, anathema to the Christian conservatives who make up a crucial base of the Republican Party. As word leaked out that Mr. McCain was seriously considering the men, the campaign was bombarded by outrage from influential conservatives who predicted an explosive floor fight at the convention and vowed rejection of Mr. Ridge or Mr. Lieberman by the delegates.

Perhaps more important, several Republicans said, Mr. McCain was getting advice that if he did not do something to shake up the race, his campaign would be stuck on a potentially losing trajectory.

With time running out — and as Mr. McCain discarded two safer choices, Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, as too predictable — he turned to Ms. Palin. He had his first face-to-face interview with her on Thursday and offered her the job moments later. Advisers to Mr. Pawlenty and another of the finalists on Mr. McCain’s list described an intensive vetting process for those candidates that lasted one to two months.

“They didn’t seriously consider her until four or five days from the time she was picked, before she was asked, maybe the Thursday or Friday before,” said a Republican close to the campaign. “This was really kind of rushed at the end, because John didn’t get what he wanted. He wanted to do Joe or Ridge.”

It’s Time to Stop Just Saying No

I have written here at length on how I feel about abstinence only sex education. I believe deeply and passionately in the importance of educating young men and women about birth control and the absolute need to insure that  we do everything we can to reduce the number of unplanned/unwanted pregnancies in this country.  Objective studies have over and over again proven that abstinence only sex education has not been effective in reducing teen sexual activity or unplanned/unwanted teen pregnancies.

Governor Sarah Palin has been a lifelong advocate of abstinence only sex education. Clearly it has not worked in her own home. My heart goes out to  her seventeen year old daughter. Dare I say that perhaps had she felt she could have turned to her parents for open, honest communication about sexual activity that she might not be faced with motherhood at the age of seventeen, and marriage on top of that. 

Ms. Palin and many of her “conservative” supporters rally around the “pro-life” cause to the extent that they may well be considered a one-cause voting base. It is time that everyone realize that arguing about Roe V Wade and abortion is for naught. Not a single republican president or House/Senate lead by republicans has done one thing to overturn Roe V. Wade or to reduce the number of abortions in this country. They haven’t and they won’t. Neither will the democrats. Maybe it’s time to listen to voices like that of  Senator Obama who say that, while we may disagree about abortion policy , we can all agree that we need to work toward reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies in this country.

Too late for the Palin family, but not for countless other young people who need to know that if they cannot abstain from sexual activity (the best choice for preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases) there are choices other than parenthood and marriage. The answer is in educating our young people and talking talking talking and then listening listening listening.

And this makes me wonder- can we truly believe that the McCain camp sufficiently vetted Governor Palin? I find it impossible to believe that Senator McCain, his advisors, and specifically his far right conservative party members, would have allowed Governor Palin’s selection in light of this recent news.  This speaks of Senator McCain’s decision making skills at the very least, and to Governor Palin’s honesty and willingness to put “Country First.” Had she truly had the best interests of the nation and the office of the VP and that of the Presidency in her mind (and not that of her own rising star), then she would have made this information clear from day one.

And, speaking as a mother, if she were the uber-mom she portrays herself to be, she would not be  running for Veep. She’d say family first, country second, and right now my family needs me.   And YES, I would expect the same of a man in the same position.

Any brassiere in a storm (I mean election)

I’m still stunned and virtually speechless, drooling on the couch trying to figure out how someone with less experience than many of the women I ‘ve worked with in my life has ended up one cancer cell away from the presidency.  I almost want to send an apology note to Condoleeza Rice, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Elizabeth Dole, Christine Todd  Whitman, and all the rest of intelligent, talented, competent and experienced Republican women passed by,  even though I had nothing to do with Governor Palin’s selection.

So here’s a read from Salon that I liked. It articulates things rolling around in my mind better than I could. I especially like the point-those of us who were Hillary supporters were admirerers of her knowledge, her experience, her political ideaology, not her vagina. It is insulting at best to think any woman would do, and especially a conservative, right-wing, anti-choice, doesn’t believe in global warming, wants to teach creationism in schools, gun toting, former mayor of a town smaller than my backyard woman. We may have wished Sen. Obama had picked Senator Clinton as veep, but we are not stupid. It’s about the brain not the bustline Senator McCain.

Not a big Reagan fan myself, but since he seems to be the voice everyone in the Republican party likes to turn to for wisdom and insight- let’s look back in history.

From Salon

Looking back on the Ferraro nomination, another well-known conservative wrote: “I believe that someday we are going to have a woman president, possibly during my life, and I’ve often thought the best way to pave the way for this was to first nominate and elect a woman as vice-president. But I think Mondale made a serious mistake when he picked Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate. In my view, he guessed wrong in deciding to take a congresswoman that almost nobody had ever heard of and try to put her in line for the presidency … I don’t know who among the Democrats might have been a better choice, but it was obvious Mondale picked Geraldine Ferraro simply because he believed there was a ‘gender gap’ where I was concerned and she was a woman.”

Those are the words of Ronald Reagan in his 1991 memoir, “An American Life,” pouring scorn on the nomination of a woman who had served six years in Congress working on foreign policy issues. In retrospect, he had a point. Only this Palin gambit could make the Ferraro mistake look responsible and wise.

Perhaps the Gipper was right.

Ovaries that Have Gone Before

Well I just heard from a girlfriend weeping and asking me Isn’t this wonderful? Isn’t this historic?

Then I heard John McCain talk about his historic choice.

Now for a history lesson:


1872 Victoria Woodhull the first of MANY women to run for president.

1980 Geraldine Ferraro the first woman on a “major party” ticket.

And of course, Senator Clinton.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to have a woman on a ticket, potentially the first woman president given the realities of Sen. McCain’s health. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the first African-American at the top of the ticket for president. I can’t wait to talk to my daughters about this. It’s a very exciting time, with a lot at stake- but historical?

Not for those who know their history.

The road was paved long before Ms. Palin.

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