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Keating Kapers

A little history of the man Gov. Palin calls honorable and decent.


Clear as mud.

I agree.
I want her records, I want Biden’s records, and I want McCain’s records.

What’s everyone hiding?

In search of a no whine zone

So Sarah Palin says she didn’t answer Katie Couric’s questions because she was “annoyed”.

This excuse will require us to ignore the deer-in-the-headlight look and the fumbling and reaching but, okay let’s say we buy it.

Is that what we want in a President? I was annoyed so I just didn’t answer-a member of the press-the American people? I was annoyed so I took my ball and went home?

That excuse sounds a lot like something that comes out of the mouth of  my 12 year old  when she does poorly on a test-the teacher is hard, he doesn’t teach, it’s not my fault.

It doesn’t fly at my house, and I would hate to think it would at the White House.

Answer the questions Governor, everyone else managed to irritated or not. Although, it does sound a lot like your running mate’s excuse for why he is behind in the polls- “life’s not fair”. Perhaps you two really are soulmates.

Calendar check.

Five weeks! Has it been that long?
Well I feel so much better now.
Five weeks,  now I know I needn’t lose another moment’s sleep imagining you one stage 2/3 (we don’t know he won’t release his records) carcinoma away from the presidency.


No more war.

“We will end this war”

Thank you Joe.

Life List: Be like George


Ambition unmasked. Not that we had any doubt.,%20Palin%20On%20Past%20VPs&section=Presidential%20Questions

I see the lips moving but nothing’s coming out.

More of the same.
This time listen to the side-by-side and compare with Joe Biden–
then tell me who needs to be one stage 2/3 (who knows he won’t tell) carcinoma away from the presidency.


Now Fred Thompson rose to Governor Palin’s defense-saying it wasn’t a fair question since she hadn’t been given a list…

You know, I think you got the answer there of probably almost 100 percent of non-lawyer candidates if they have not been given a list of cases to see;”

Not to brag here, but I’m no lawyer, historian, politician, or extraordinary intellect and I could name four or five at least.

Time for more tylenol. Is it November 4 yet?

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