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The view from under the microscope

On occasion my oldest will turn to me with that old familiar refrain but you should see what everyone else made on the test or my grade was better than anyone else’s– to which I retort I’m not worried about what other children are doing, or I’m not anyone else’s mother.

The whine doesn’t work. But it’s not fair what about everyone else?

So Palin and the McCain camp have been whining  about the unfair treatment she has received at the hands of the press-or so they perceive.  They’ve even taken to calling it “sexism”.

But, when it was Hillary Clinton crying foul, Palin was ready to criticize.

And last night in her interview with Charles Gibson Palin was quick to employ my daughter’s excuse but but but what about everyone else?

Now back at the Newsweek Forum earlier in the year she had a lot to say about Hillary Clinton and the media. She said that Hillary’s complaining “didn’t bode well for her.” That  “fair or unfair, it’s there that’s the reality.”Accept it, that you are under a sharper microscope, so be it.” “Work harder, prove yourself to an even greater degree.”

To an even greater degree? So….

maybe the greater degree would mean

regardless of what other veeps have done she should do better?

What happened to “so be it” “accept it”?

Oh, you didn’t mean YOU, you meant everyone else.

That excuse doesn’t work with seventh graders, it shouldn’t work with vice presidential candidates.

Wearing flip-flops in Alaska


Maybe not so different from all the rest after all.
She likes the earmarks, and she flip-flops on issues.

Maybe she really is John McCain’s “Soulmate”. (His words not mine.)

From Newsweek:

From early in her career, Palin got ahead by working the system as well if not better than others. She hired a Washington lobbyist and won $27 million in earmarks for tiny Wasilla. Then she worked to get big federal money for the state. Though she now says she stood up to those who wanted to build the $223 million “Bridge to Nowhere” (which actually involved two bridges), she was once a strong supporter. Responding to a questionnaire in 2006, Palin said she wanted the projects done “sooner rather than later … while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist.” At the time, another prominent politician had called people living in the area of one of the proposed projects “valley trash.” That gave Palin an opening. Campaigning in the area, she used some of her trademark humor to make her pitch: “OK, you’ve got valley trash standing here in the middle of nowhere,” she declared to residents of Ketchikan. “I think we’re going to make a good team as we progress [with] that bridge.”

As Alaskan corruption scandals grew, and the Bridge to Nowhere became synonymous with out-of-control federal spending, Palin switched positions. In an astonishing pivot, she began using the rhetoric of the projects’ opponents. Now she talks as if she always opposed the funding. She used one of her stock lines in her nomination acceptance speech: “I told the Congress, ‘Thanks but no thanks’ for that Bridge to Nowhere.”

And elsewhere…

I like her logic, and frankly her ranting manner. I know how that feels to goonandonandon and stop to think why am I so worked up over this?

Reason #3-she’s nailed it.

(SarahSarahSarah on  9/7/08)

And here’s a link she provides to the Washington Post article that reveals in full glory one of the multitude of reasons Sarah Palin can’t be my Veep.

She’s Hot Hot Hot

All I can say is I can’t wait for the debates. Have at her Senator Biden.

Now I didn’t call her Hot-that’s Alaska magazine’s idea.













Now I wonder, how will all the self-identified conservative “christians” who screeched that Hillary couldn’t be president because we couldn’t dare trust a woman to hold the office of the presidency going to feel now?44, no experience, a mother of young children (and wasn’t it uber-conservative Republican  Phyllis Schlafly  who said women need to be home raising their babies?) a heart-beat away from the Presidency-and a weak heartbeat at that. Suddenly it will become well, we meant a democrat woman, or a pro-choice woman…uh uh…

Oh, and for everyone that  went after Senator Clinton for her brief cleavage moment-check out Gov. Palin on the cover of Vogue. I believe that’s cleavage and nipple.

Vogue cover - Sarah Palin


And experience-well Ms. Palin graduated in 87 with a bachelor’s degree in communication-and then…no that’s all. No graduate school, no law school, a communication’s major. (And I started out as one myself, so that’s not a slam on communications major.)

This is going to be very interesting.

I like what Steve Chapman had to say…

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