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And still more.

More from Andrew Sullivan on the Lies of Sarah Palin.

Then again, a liar in the White House wouldn’t be new, not after the Bush-Cheney years.

15. That flag

16. The Sudan–2.html

17. The Surge–3.html

18. Power–4.html

19. Wooten–5.html


The art of deceit

I haven’t written in a while, I’m tired, and frankly overwhelmed- by the deceptions, the insinuations, the outright lies. The smears, the smugness, the two-faced commentaries, the refusal to be held accountable and all that is Sarah Palin. I am tired, of trying to imagine life on the planet should that brain be one cancer cell away from the Oval Office.


 So I haven’t written-and now I don’t need too!


I’m not one for reinventing the wheel, as the saying goes. And I’m the first to admit that countless others say things better than I could ever hope to.  So, with that in mind…

I give you Andrew Sullivan, who has been doing a wonderful job of chronicling all things Sarah, and specifically the lies of Sarah Palin. Why give you my pithy commentaries when he’s so much better at it?

Sort of like the Cliff Notes for Palin. (Do they still have Cliff Notes. Not that I ever used them.)


Lie 1: Monegan–7.html

#2 That Bridge–8.html

#3 More firings–9.html

#4 The Polar Bears

#5 Oil!

#6 Homosexuality

#7 Climate Change

#8 You have the right

#9 Alaska and Energy

#10. Making the speech

#11 The girls

#12 The paycheck

#13 Doctor doctor give me the news

#14 Russia–1.html

Whoa! Well that’s all for now!

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